14th November 2018

Take Your Mind For A Walk

Photos: Scott Greenway (@scott_benjamin)

On the TED app, there’s a surprise me button where it searches and find random talks for you to watch or listen to. The other night I watched ted talk titled “Want to be more creative? Go for a walk” and is given by Marily Oppezzo from Stanford university. Marily is a behavioural learning scientist and she has done research into how the movement of the body can effect the movement of the mind, concluding that creative thinking improves whilst a person is walking and shortly after too. This is not the first time that we have heard of the idea of walking and creating, with Steve jobs & Mark Zuckerberg conducting walking meetings with their staff, so I thought I’d share this with you. Recently at uni loads of words (ideas, innovative, creative, new, grabbing, etc…) are being thrown around as we’ve started our dissertations and projects for the semester. I know that theres similar feelings across my class with us all thinking, “how on earth am I going to be innovative and creative?!” Our world is covered in noise with so many distractions from our day to day lives and reality.


I’ve been thinking back to things I have learnt through mindfulness, for those who don’t know, mindfulness is all about bringing yourself back into the moment. People suggest that all you need to do is five minutes a day to have a positive effect on your day to day life. It gives you a moment to reflect, a moment to be appreciative of all the things around you - especially the obvious things like, having a roof over your head, or the people around you, or the education you have been given. Sometimes the things that happen to you daily, or things you read or see, can be the first source of inspiration you need to get that idea.

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Creativity doesn’t just have to be the act of doing or making, you can be creative with your routine, or your mind, it doesn’t always have to have a physical output. By taking your mind for a walk with no phone, no music, just the world around you for even just a few minutes could bring you back into reality and help you find that answer or idea you’ve been looking for. 

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