9th July 2018

Let's Go Back to Early April

Photos: Jack McBride

Earlier this year I was nudged by friends and family to get Fashion of Mi (FoM) live again, particularly by my friend Jack. We were chatting for weeks about me finally coming back from university and meeting in London to discuss all things blog, take some test snaps and have a good catch up. When the day finally came, we went to London and started the re-branding of Fashion of Mi. 


It was one of the first days of spring - the sun was out, and it was surprisingly warm. On the train up, I was looking through some of the locations Jack had sent me to decide which ones would match the outfits I had brought with me. He suggested some really cool places which I am sure we will revisit in time. We started off by heading to a creative space on Old Street, Shoreditch, called Ziferblat. 



On our walk down, Jack was explaining how he had been here once before for a meeting and what the concept behind the creative space was. Ziferblat is an area where you pay for the time you spend but everything else is free – you’re basically a tenant to a café where you can help yourself and do what you want (to an extent of course). Their aim is to build a “community of people who want to use their space to make something interesting”.


Unless you looked up when walking past, knew what Ziferblat is or someone was taking you there, I wouldn’t be sure people would notice it – in a way it makes this place that bit more homely and friendly, rather than if everyone knew about it. Jack and I buzzed at the door to go up and we walked up a plain white staircase to the second floor where you’re greeted by bright yellow walls and a friendly face. Instantly I was smiling, I knew I would feel even more happy as soon as I got in and had a cup of tea. (It was early and those who know me know that I don’t do mornings very well).


The clock was set. You walk into this bright room, filled with daylight, which felt a bit like a thrift shop. The room was full of mismatched furniture, books, games, paints, musical instruments and so much more. We took a seat at a table by the window and I went into the kitchen to make us some tea (finally). I was overwhelmed by the choice in tea bags and actually had to have assistance from Jack to make a normal cuppa. It was probably quite amusing to watch me struggle finding the PG tips. I loved the kitchen! They had foods and drinks to suit all food preferences consisting of different loaves of bread, every spread you could think of, almond milk, milk, goats milk, fruit, coffee, filter coffee - you get the point. I felt guilty because I knew I was only paying for my time, so we only indulged in the humungous tea selection. I took a wander round to see what else was in the cupboards and got to know the place. 


They have a guest book where they ask you to creatively sign your name. I don’t know if it is fate, but the page I opened it on was already signed with Mimi. I felt like I was having a bit of a Phoebe Buffay moment, like it was a sign or something. Now I’m starting to sound like Eyal (from Love Island) …


Soon I settled in, we got on with planning the re-brand and Jack picked at my brain to see what I really wanted to achieve from my creative space online. I couldn’t help but be a bit nervous to think that I was starting Fashion of Mi, formerly Idea on a Postcard, again! But I then remembered how much I enjoy writing, going places, doing fun things and reporting my adventures and outfits back to you. Even if no one reads these posts, I will still get satisfaction from FoM and I will be able to record my memories, a perfect reason to blog for myself. We had become so comfortable here that we didn’t realise how long we had been sat there for. The clock was set but, in Ziferblat, it didn’t feel like the clock was ticking.


I think that was my favourite part of Ziferblat; the décor throws you back in time and then time feels as if it is standing still - I mean you can even come in to sleep in the ‘nap room’! It is safe to say Ziferblat achieved their aim of creating a place in which you can relax, work and play. I had a great time and Jack and I were able to bounce so many ideas off each other and really make FoM, me! 


For anyone that wants to experience something a little bit quirky and different to your normal coffee shop, I would highly recommend Ziferblat. I felt at home here and can’t wait to go back soon - maybe I’ll try their space in Manchester or even one in Russia… maybe. 

Look One


Layers, layers, layers! Layers can take an outfit from being quite simple, boring and hard to accessories to simple, on trend and easy. I wore my good ol’ black long-sleeved turtle neck top that I have had since I was about 14 and paired it with a Zara leopard print ‘strappy dress’, black Timberland boots and River Island leather jacket. To finish the look, I took my chunky silver buckled black leather belt to synch the waist of the dress and make the look less girly. I loved how easy this look was to throw together and how I managed to use items I already had in my wardrobe to wear the new Zara dress in an alternative way. The straps on this dress aren’t adjustable which, for the itty-bitty-titty committee, makes life very difficult. So, I resulted to using my Mum’s handy trick of tying a little knot on each shoulder to shorten the straps. Et voila…


As we’ve moved into summer months, I’ve been wearing this dress with a white t-shirt, the same belt, and some trainers or chunky sandals, depending on my day. I can also see this dress looking lovely with some black, barely-there heels for evening drinks or dinner.

Turtle Neck: Similar

Dress: Here 

Jacket: Similar

Boots: Here



After Ziferblat, we headed over to Barbican to take some photographs of my outfits and just experiment with cameras and have fun. I can be a very awkward person when I get nervous and Jack got some beautiful shots of me almost falling off a wall and strutting over a bridge, almost crashing into a nice old lady in true Mimi style. But hey, I’m doing it for the gram, right? The Barbican is a 60’s architectural estate, right in the centre of London. It’s the biggest in Europe! When you are exploring the area you can completely forget the busy city around you. 


Look Two


Jumpsuits; easy, comfy and diverse. I wore this black, wide-legged, pleated Zara jumpsuit along with a leopard print, long-sleeved, high neck top. The accessories stayed the same as the previous look - chunky silver buckled, black leather belt, black Timberlands, River Island leather jacket and Zara sunnies. I LOVE this jumpsuit and the best bit is that it’s airy, meaning it can be great for summer. To switch this up for a ‘chuck-it-on-and-call-it-fash-un-darling’ look, this jumpsuit looks great alone or with a white tee underneath paired with some Birkenstock style shoes.

Top: Similar 

Jumpsuit: Similar

Boots: Here

Belt: Similar

I’d be really interested to see if anyone decides to take a trip to Ziferblat, so please drop me an Instagram message and let me know! And for those that haven’t yet been, the Barbican is a great place to visit – it’s a really calm place and lots of different creative arts happen here. 


Thank you, Jack, and my friends and family, for giving me the boost to continue something that I enjoy. I’m truly happy to be back,



P.S. Summery outfits coming soon, keep updated on my Instagram @fashionofmi x

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