2nd April 2017


What a better way to kick of the series than to write about my sister Estelle? When we were little, all I wanted to do was dress the same as Estelle, have my hair the same as Estelle, talk like her, walk like her, etc… Now, we couldn’t be more different if we tried. Her wardrobe spans all the colours of the rainbow and mine consist of black, black and a bit more black… Her hair is straight, mine is curly.


And we look nothing alike..

This week, Estelle completed all of her third year coursework, meaning she is now almost finished with her degree, so technically she is still a student. **Whilst typing this she reminded me that she’s still going to be a student for the next 5/6 years. Another difference between us, Estelle wants to be a doctor, therefore more uni.

On a day-to-day basis I’d describe Estelle’s style as effortlessly chic, colourful and on-trend. I’ll link her Instagram for you to take a look at a snippet of her style.

Q: What is your holy grail item of clothing?

A: Right now my Mom/ Boyfriend Kendall jeans from Pretty Little Thing.

Q: Why?


A: They’re not baggy round your bum, but still loose around your leg.


Q: What would be your go to uni outfit?


A: Depends! If its a long lecture where I need to be comfy, it will probably be a pair of skinny jeans, a t-shirt and jumper incase it gets cold because of air-con, and my silver leather jacket. Or, I will wear heeled boots, tights, an a-line skirt and a shirt if i wanted to be more smart… depending on the hangover, obvs!


Q: What’s your go-to daytime makeup look?


A: A thin layer of satin foundation, concealer under my eyes, brows done to perfection and then probably only a thin bit of eyeliner and mascara to finish the look. Maybe some eyeshadow also.


Q: Any fashion advice?


A: Don’t necessarily go by trends, go by what suits your body shape. Even if Mom jeans are in fashion doesn’t mean they’ll suit your shape – you want to feel good in what you’re wearing.

Don’t forget to check out Estelle’s Instagram @estellemillsy and take her advice – fashion is about feeling comfortable in your skin and being you.


See you next week,


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