25th June 2017

“The Best Things in Life Are the People You Love, the Places You’ve Seen and the Memories You’ve Made Along The Way”

This week marked a year since I started my journal. I’m pretty proud to say I’ve kept it up for this long. Some of you may sit there and think to yourselves “how cringe, she keeps a journal”. A journal is a record of news and events of a personal nature, it’s a creative space and, for me, a memory bank. Before I started to journal, I know I would cringe at the thought too and the immediate thing that came to mind when I thought about journaling, was a 13 year old, troubled teen starting each entry with “Dear diary” but I have now learnt it’s nothing like that.

Personally, making memories is the most important thing to do in life. I want to remember as much as I can when I’m old and telling stories of my life to my children and grandchildren. Maybe this comes from my Grandad telling me stories (some true, some not so true) of his life growing up in Mauritius. My mum told me about a friend of hers who had kept a journal since she was young and this seemed to me a great way to keep all my memories and thoughts at particular times in one place.

Journaling has many benefits for your mind, body and spirit. Studies have shown that writing;

  1. Helps you communicate with others better, which helps build strong relationships and helps self expression

  2. Develops  thinking and reasoning skills that increase memory capacity making you smarter

  3. Helps you achieve your aims and goals as you can lay them out in front of you on paper making them real, this can gently remind and motivate you

  4. Reduces blood pressure as venting pent up emotions, that you may not want to express to friends or family, can be relieving

  5. Helps deal with upsetting and traumatic experiences

  6. Can make you greatful as you can see what you’re lucky to have in life

  7. Can help to make memories solid in your mind, again helping to show gratitude

My journal is a navy blue, Moleskin ruled notebook I picked up from Waterstone’s last year. There are so many different kind of journals you can create. As it is for you and no one else, you can fill it in any way you wish with objects, images, or just simply words. Personally I don’t like to retract from actual memories and what I have to say. I take a black biro, write the date at the top of the page and then fill the empty pages with my thoughts. I don’t write every day because I don’t want it to become a chore to have to write. Unfortunately my life isn’t exciting enough to write something new in everyday, and that’s ok, who’s life is??

I decided to look back through my journal, something I do sometimes as a reminder to keep motivated, to do what I love and that it’s ok to feel however I feel. I fill my pages with quotes written in different ways so they stand out when I’m flicking through and sometimes they’re exactly what I need to feel better on a down day (we all have them!) or to keep me going with a task. Some things that stood out to me;

  • Our family holiday to Barcelona last September, a few days before I started University

  • The time me and my two friends Georgia and Khiz went to watch Bridget Jones 3 at an Everyman Cinema in Leeds

  • The first time I went to Manchester to see the Vogue 100 exhibition with my friend Denver

  • Train tickets to York, Nottingham, Manchester, London, Cornwall, Cardiff

  • When my friend Chloë came to visit me

  • Paris with the girls from uni for Premier Vision

  • Getting my tattoo

  • Visiting Liv in Manchester

The list could go on!

We are all human and we all need our ways to escape for 5 minutes. My way is sitting down with a cup of tea, wearing my comfies and reflecting on the good, on the bad and what I have learnt. The best bit about a journal is that it’s your space to be you – it doesn’t have to be perfect! My journal is my most valuable thing I own, filled with photos and words that will stay with me forever. People walk in and out of your lives but the memories stay forever.

“The best things in life are the people you love, the places you’ve seen and the memories you’ve made along the way” - Anon

Maybe you’ll pick up a notebook and start writing, just see where your mind takes you, I know I’m looking forward to filling my last few pages of this journal and going onto my next!

P.S. Sorry for the lack of content, I spilt tea on my laptop and am having to do everything from my phone! I want to put out the best work I can, so hopefully my laptop will be back working soon!

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